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The Way to Make a Homemade Bath Bombs

This kind of unfortunate but tricky title, bath bombs or bath fizzies make a fantastic homemade gift idea since they’re among these lavish indulgences that we frequently don’t purchase for themselves, however like to get as a present. They will surely love them once they recognize they’re homemade presents. You’ve likely seen them in toilet stalls, but essentially bath bombs are chunks of baking soda and lactic acid that if dropped in water pops, effervesce, also releases the aromas or alternative components which you put inside them. Its sort of enjoy bathing in tub filled with seltzer water. Additionally, it can be a relaxing and therapeutic encounter.

There are two or three methods to create them. Here’s the method according to a tutorial out of

You also may have the ability to detect it in a neighborhood winemaking/brewing store.

Baking Soda… Must be simple enough to locate, assess on your cabinet or fridge.

Witch Hazel… You’ll get this in here in, you then might find it in the regional health food store or pharmacy.


Apparent Spherical Molds… There’s a significant choice at They’ve bath and molds bomb kits in however no simple curved ones.

It’s possible to encircle them with food coloring, however I believe they seem nice as is. It is an issue of taste. Should you use food coloring be sure you just use a couple drops per batch, otherwise it may stain an individu tub.

The procedure:

It’s somewhat tricky in the beginning. You could have a bad couple or 2 at the start, or even a have couple of bath bombs which fall apart, but do not get frustrated, you’ll find the hang of this. .

Thoroughly combine 1 cup of baking soda plus 1/2 cup of acid. Make certain that it’s blended well and there aren’t any lumps.
Insert your odor and colour. Fragrances would be your taste, but that I love essential oils such as peppermint or lavender. If you’re using food coloring, then be certain that you just use a couple drops.
Gently spray the witch hazel whilst blending. You wish to spray this mixture just begins to stay together. Too far and the mix will begin bubbling and responding. Ensure that you squeeze the mould halves together tough.
Wait a couple of minutes, then tap on them from the molds.
Let sit a couple of hours or overnight, then they will be prepared for wrapping.
I also have seen a few recipes which include things like epsom salt at the dry mix, and coconut oil to maintain the ball together. Some recipes also have cornstarch, which I would recommend against, since it’s been noted that it may irritate a rash or make it even worse. There are conflicting views about that, but that I leave it outside to be secure.

I used transparent colored wrap and raffia ribbon to the demonstration of this present.

They make a excellent addition to additional homemade bath products at a gift basket.

For more bath bombs recipes visit our website:

Our House Now Feels Safer Than It Ever Has

Around 15 years ago, I ran into a salesman who was going door-to-door in my neighborhood to let all of us know about a sales promotion on their alarms. It was a great promotion, so my husband and I had them install an alarm system in our home. We loved it. Just recently, I learned that they now have something called ADT Pulse that allows you to control your alarm from your own cell phone. So, we called the same company this week to get it, and we both love it.

There have been a number of times when I arrived at work in the past and realized that I forgot to turn the alarm on before leaving the house. My husband has done the same thing. (more…)

I Am Never Going to Move Again

When my friend moved into her new apartment, she told me that the apartment itself along with all the amenities were not the only nice things about living there. It is run by the property management group Bridge Property Management, and she said that they treat the tenants with respect and are always quick to fix something should anything happen. That is a rarity in today’s times, at least in our experience between the last three complexes we have both lived in. That is why I wanted to find out more about the complex she was now living in.

I went online to get information on Regency at Lookout Canyon, and I was impressed from the very start of looking at their website. I looked at the amenities that are offered inside each apartment as well as the community amenities, and I also looked at the floor plans for each of the units. (more…)

I Store My Photos in a Cloud

I am blessed in that I don’t have to work because my husband has an excellent career. I don’t just waste my time away though. Photography is a major passion of mine, and I love to take pictures of people, animals, landscapes, events and just about anything else that one can imagine. I literally have hundreds of thousands of pictures that I have taken, and I use cloud computing to store the majority of them. While I love taking pictures, I also enjoy editing them into even better photographs.

While my computer would be able to hold all of the photographs if I would purchase additional hard drive space, I knew that it was not safe to store them this way. (more…)