I Store My Photos in a Cloud

I am blessed in that I don’t have to work because my husband has an excellent career. I don’t just waste my time away though. Photography is a major passion of mine, and I love to take pictures of people, animals, landscapes, events and just about anything else that one can imagine. I literally have hundreds of thousands of pictures that I have taken, and I use cloud computing to store the majority of them. While I love taking pictures, I also enjoy editing them into even better photographs.

While my computer would be able to hold all of the photographs if I would purchase additional hard drive space, I knew that it was not safe to store them this way. Even if I had backups, there is always something that can happen to them. Getting this many photographs is not something that happens over a year or even a few years. This is a lifetime collection of photographs, and I do not want to ever run the risk of losing them. That is why I started learning about cloud computing as soon as I heard the term years ago.

It sounded amazing that I would be able to keep my photographs online in a cloud for so many different reasons. The first is that it is so simple to use. I am able to access my pictures anywhere I am from any device that I want to use. I have a smart phone and tablet that I use as well, but the main work is done on my laptop. I just really like that I am able to access the cloud from any of these devices, and I don’t run the risk of losing anything like I would if I had to rely on just my own storage resources without the cloud.

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